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Communication Apps
For Healthcare

Simplifying Communication for Your Community

With smartphone ownership now over 95%, communication via apps is the most direct and effective way to engage with your school, healthcare setting, sports club or any other community.

Piota brings engagement into the digital age for organisations of all description. Whether it's schools, NHS departments or even local sports teams and youth clubs, our apps can reach networks far and wide to deliver the information your community needs directly and instantly. If you're looking to streamline your communication, then our apps are the perfect solution.

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We discuss ICSs many challenges such as poor coordination, insufficient resources, etc. an
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Hospital employees using paperwork instead of piota apps


A healthcare app is the perfect solution for effective communication with patients, families and carers.

Our app enables you to make all your news, information, letters, contacts, clinic timings and other information, easily available in one place on patients' phones for immediate reference when they need it. With the emphasis on patient-centred care, we believe the app can support people to gain the knowledge, skills and confidence they need to effectively manage and make informed decisions about their own health care.


With 95% of parents now owning a smartphone, Piota believes that customisable school apps are the future of parental engagement in education.

Piota builds high-quality school apps for Nursery, Primary and Secondary schools across the UK and beyond, all of which are free to download and help to improve school communication with parents, cut admin costs and save time for your staff.

Test out our school apps for free to see what they can do for you.

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Apps For Every Community

We build apps for all types of communities worldwide helping them streamline communications and increase engagement, such as:

If you don't see your community listed here please get in touch to speak to a member of our team. Our communication app can be tailored and used in a wide variety of settings.

Why Communication Apps?

Everything In One Place

Communication apps provide an instantly accessible information hub. Whether users need to check the time of the event, the detail in an alert you sent, the latest news or make a payment, simply “Put It On The App”. No more hunting for information through email inboxes, texts or website menus.

Push Notification Messages

The most direct way to contact people. Whenever you update an event or news item, send out a permission form or issue a one-line reminder, you can add an alert to it with a push notification to all users, selected groups or individuals. The excuses culture (“I didn’t know the swimming gala was happening last night”) will disappear!

Improve Engagement

Quickly send out dynamic content such as photos, video or feedback surveys along with fast reply options to maximise response rates. Your users can filter content on the app so it’s always relevant to them. The result is a focused stream of rich information and happier users.

Reduce Time And Cost

An app can do everything that a website, email or text can do and more. Plus it’s all in one place, allowing you to streamline your communications dramatically. First collect together all of your newsletters, policies, news stories, the calendar, documents, letters home, forms, contacts, feedback surveys, general information, social channels and more on the app, then start to rationalise your other channels.

Forward Thinking

People want a smart, branded system which is quick, simple to use and makes their lives easier. If you find a combination of email, website, text and social media is no longer working for you, Piota (Put It On The App) is a mobile app specialist with the answer. Please get in touch!

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