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Gwahanol Leisiau yn canu’r un Alaw Different voices singing the same melody
Gwahanol Leisiau yn canu’r un Alaw Different voices singing the same melody

Your App's Features

The most direct way for your school, church, club or other key organisation to provide you with rich, timely and relevant information. You can read it there and then, browse it later, respond if necessary, or simply use it as a reference source when out and about. All straight from your phone, making everyone’s lives simpler.


Blogs, website news, newsletters, Twitter and Facebook are all collected in one place. Share the best bits with your network if you wish

Events Calendar

Consistently one of users’ favourite features, this calendar is a lot more accessible than the one pinned to the fridge at home and more accurate too as it’s automatically updated regularly. Use the filters to narrow down the entries to ones of most interest to you, and the Add To Calendar feature to add priority events for you to your personal calendar.


Push notifications or Alerts from your school or organisation will reach you as quickly as a text but contain much richer information: video, pictures and documents as well as words. Select yourself into whichever groups you most want to hear from to ensure you receive pertinent information, reminders, late bus announcements, forms, accounts of the day, weekly newsletters and much more. You are in control so there’s no more being bombarded with everything or feeling left out of the loop.

Photos and Video

Pictures tell a thousand words, photos a million and video now accounts for 75% of internet traffic and demand for it shows no sign of slowing. Why would it when watching your children acting in the school musical, or highlights from your club event, or seeing the latest thing in action in a snippet from a trade organisation, is so much better than being told about it or relying on memory? Save these moments on your device, swipe through them at will and/ or share them on.

Key Information

Menus, price lists, contacts details, timetables, uniform requirements, key dates, who’s who, packing lists, legal policies, procedures documents, handbooks - not necessarily the reading material of choice but you do need to refer to some or all from time to time so best have them handy, easily accessible and all in one place. What can’t be housed on the app can be easily reached from it via embedded links to further reading or copyright or password-protected sites or apps.

Forms and surveys

No more need for paper or emailed forms which are a bore to fill out and return. Now you can reply directly on the app in 10 seconds if you’re in a hurry or at more length if not. Snap surveys are shorter and more to the point than online ones and equally easy to fill out and volley back.

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6th of July 2018

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