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Piota school apps for International Schools

Apps for International Schools


Each App will be developed in collaboration with the individual school to ensure correct branding, contacts, logos, static information etc., integrating multiple social media feeds, site locations, contact details and filters for Pre-Prep, Prep, Junior and Senior Schools.


Improved communication; alerts, reminders and news sent in real-time to increase response rates to messages.

Reduced workload; integrated forms, messages and push notifications to easily manage administration, enveloping all current external marketing.

Engage parents; drawing on a highly functional App schools can capture useful feedback for staff, governors and inspectors.

Focused recruitment and retention; offering prospective parents an insight into the school community and maintaining that engagement through their child’s academic life.

Immediate information; Head’s welcome, term dates, uniform requirements, weekly lunch menus, events and clubs etc. hosted on the App to be viewed on or off-line.

Integrated technology; being at the forefront of modern pedagogy to deliver the best for pupils through an App.

Cost saving; a digital solution to make substantial savings against annual budgets.

Ongoing support; we offer full training to ensure that each school is using the App to its full potential.

Technological development; through regular upgrades each App is compactly evolving and future-proofed.


The cost varies depending on customisation, design and functionality but it generally falls between £1,500 and £5,000 per annum with a one-off set up of £500-2,000.


Since 2014, Piota has worked in partnership with heads, teachers and parents to improve parental engagement, pupil recruitment and retention and to envelope existing communications channels.

Working with over 250 schools in the UK and overseas, we develop bespoke, native Apps which are easy to use, affordable and effective.


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