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Parents contribute just as much as teachers when it comes to their child’s education. So it’s unsurprising that there has been a renewed focus on parental engagement in primary schools. But with limited time and budgets, how can schools enhance their communication without adding more pressure in these areas. Piota believes that school apps are the future, and that parental engagement can be enhanced effectively and affordably by using the technology at their disposal.

Communicating with Parents using Piota apps for schools Save time for teaching: With the ever-increasing numbers of pupils in primary classrooms, ensuring that the necessary time is dedicated to classroom teaching is essential. By using a school app, teachers can quickly and easily get in touch with all parents, meaning that more time can be dedicated to planning and delivering high-quality lessons.

● Keeping parents in the know: When it comes to delivering key information about the school, whether that’s term dates, events, or any important details, your school app can be the “one-stop-shop” for parents to see what’s going on. Not only this, but knowing what’s going on during the school day, whether that’s topics, lessons or even just the book that’s being read in class, will help to inspire out-of-school learning and parental engagement.

● Reducing costs on communication: The average school spends around £60,000 a year on printing alone – just think how much you could save, if your parental engagement and information sent home was all done digitally? By investing in a dedicated school app, no information will ever go unnoticed, and costs are reduced per message, as the details are uploaded to a central system and pushed to devices, rather than being sent directly.

“[Our] school app has saved us money. It is so quick to get the information out to parents. No photocopying newsletters - just straight out to the target audience."

- Office Manager, Lexden Springs Primary School