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Apps for Primary Schools

Piota Apps help primary schools boost engagement with parents whilst saving both time and money.

Primary schools across the country are being asked to enhance their communications with parents as better engagement is known to lead to better outcomes for students. But with budget pressures, limited time and the law of diminishing returns, how can primary schools drive communication and engagement forwards without making huge time and budget sacrifices? At Piota we understand the challenges that primary schools face, and have created a school app that could be the ideal solution.


Tight budgets for primary schools can make trying to communicate efficiently and effectively with parents difficult. Using a variety of different communication channels to capture the attention of parents and carers would be ideal but costs time and money, while no single communication method solves the problem of reaching and engaging everyone.

Mobile apps for primary schools offer an affordable new way to drive focussed engagement which can make a big, fast and visible difference to the way your school communicates. A school app acts as a hub featuring all of your relevant content in one convenient place. It does all that a newsletter can but better, and much of what is currently sent today by expensive email and text bundles. Combined savings can amount to thousands of pounds. And the analytics package you get with Piota’s app tracks downloads and page views in real time in a variety of ways enabling you to see precisely how much bang for your buck you are getting.


Parents and carers with children of primary school age are naturally demanding and expect frequent and in-depth communication and interaction. This level of expectation can often put primary schools on tight time schedules under a lot of pressure, especially if parents call or request face-to-face conversations in order to find out school or pupil information.

The app can help forestall some of these requests by steering parents and carers to the answers they want, without resorting to asking admin staff and teachers. Piota stands for “Put It on the App”: this means if parents need to know it, put it on the app and it will be instantly accessible to them on their phones. Frequently asked questions regarding events, trips, exam schedules, lunch menus, uniform requirements, homework and school calendars can all be answered in a matter of few seconds on the app.

The app can also save hours of admin time collecting and recording responses to consent forms, permission slips for trips and parental surveys. With the app it is a five minute job to write a form or survey and send it to your class, year group or all school. Responses are automatically stored in an Excel spreadsheet on the app, available and waiting for when you need them.

Furthermore the app works on an opt-in system whereby parents choose which information they want to be highlighted to them. This keeps the stream of news and messages from school relevant and engaging for them, while removing the need for school to maintain multiple complicated mailing lists and spend time chasing parents for updated contacts details.

Free up admin time from printing, phone calls and mailing lists by Putting It On The App and give teachers time to focus on the interactions that really matter.

Progress and Attainment

Closing the gap in attainment is a huge focus for primary schools and Ofsted. There is an extensive variety of factors that contribute towards achieving good or outstanding progress for all pupils, but all are agreed that improving parental engagement is a key factor with knock on benefits in attendance, behaviour and concentration in class.

Unengaged or lowly-engaged parents of low attainment children are the most difficult group for school to reach but using an app is a new way to try to bring them onside. 95%+ of parents have smartphones now and apps are a format that every 21st Century parent understands. So the technology is part of their lives already, unlike email in many cases, and the opt-in nature of communication by app means it is seen as less threatening than being texted.

Sending these parents good news articles about their children’s time at school and reinforcing that by providing information, messages, notifications and timetables at their fingertips should lead to more positive engagement results. We cannot (yet) quantify the impact on parental engagement of our apps but are running trials in schools across the country and have had some startling anecdotal examples of improved engagement from many. Get in touch to find out more and maybe start a trial in your school?

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