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Apps for secondary schools

Piota Apps help secondary schools deliver relevant content straight into the hands of parents and carers and interact with the school community more easily.

Secondary schools are complex organisations. One challenge many face is achieving meaningful engagement with parents and carers. Piota’s apps aim to to enhance schools’ communications with their audiences without absorbing more time or expense.


It has been proven that parental engagement with school can have a positive effect on the attendance, behaviour and concentration of students so it is in secondary school’s interests to create and maintain strong communication links with parents and carers.
Over 95% of parents now own smartphones with app capability, making a mobile app the fastest and most direct way to message them and the ideal place to host relevant content for them. Fewer parents will slip through communication gaps and those who are hard to reach through emails, texts,letters and website will now have everything they need in one easy-to-find location.
The app can be used both as a platform to host content and as a way for schools to communicate directly with parents. Using push notifications, the school can direct messages, newsletters, forms and requests to specific groups within the app itself. The simplicity of the app design means everything is in one place and easily accessible and parents can reply when needed in a more efficient and timely manner.


There are two basic ways to communicate with parents given the multiplicity of class and year group events schedules, news streams only relevant for certain year groups, houses or clubs, multiple parent’s evenings and the like: either communicate everything to everybody, or create dozens of mailing lists to cater to each group. Neither is satisfactory as in the former case parents are swamped with too much irrelevant content that gets lost in their inbox, and in the latter teachers spend too much time curating mailing lists and parents lose the bigger picture of everything else that is happening at school.
An app solves this by sending all school information to the app but letting parents choose which items they want to be alerted about through Push Notifications. This results in a more focused experience for the parent and less admin work for the school. And our analytics data shows that having been ‘pushed’ to the app by a well-targeted item, users then browse another five articles while they are there so derive a more holistic view of whole school events and news.
Feedback surveys of Piota’s apps by heads, teachers and parents repeatedly name the simplicity of design as being its best feature. Using Push Notifications to make everyone’s lives easier is a big part of achieving this. Parents feel confident in the knowledge that any information that is relevant to their child will be notified to them and waiting in one place, and teachers and admin staff can set up as many custom notification groups as necessary to suits their school .


There is no value in a school adopting a new technology if it does not offer more for less, whether in improved learning outcomes, streamlining administrative operations or saving cost and time. Mobile apps have been widely adopted for curriculum purposes already and Piota’s school app is part of the next wave of productivity-improving apps in communication and administration. Adopting a Piota app into daily life now is an easy way to ensure that your secondary school will remain, future-proofed as the format’s popularity continues to grow.
Parents are accustomed to receiving individualised content through their social media, news, banking and other apps. Usually they only want to see content that is directly relevant to them, and the app makes this process seamless. Content becomes consistently interesting, useful and therefore much more engaging to parents.
Piota creates customised or branded apps for each specific school. By creating apps to suit the needs and demands of your staff, students, parents and carers, schools can feel confident they are investing in a product that will match and grow with them for years to come.

Time & Budget

A Piota app can bring significant time and budget savings. Frequent and in-depth communication can occur without putting added pressure on admin staff and teachers. Response rates are higher as the immediacy of information arriving on the phone with an embedded formatted answer slip or prompt encourages quick replies. Responses and reports can be automatically compiled in an Excel spreadsheet and forwarded to colleagues. This frees up staff from printing, photocopying, phone calls and repeated face-to-face conversations, and the paper and printing bill will be lower too.

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