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Apps for SEN Schools

Piota Apps can offer SEN schools a communication platform that is both personal and practical for parents and carers.

SEN schools need to communicate with parents and carers intensively and frequently. An app is the ideal medium for much of this information exchange as it is fast and easy for both sides to use and can carry everything from quick one-line reminder messages to detailed articles with pictures and videos. Additionally, set up and training is straightforward and parental reaction and engagement very strong: downloads and usage of the app typically far exceed expectations as word spreads about it. Cost saving opportunities follow as the app can replace the paper newsletter and some of your text and email requirements.


Keeping parents and carers abreast of their child’s life at school is critical but time-consuming. Each child has unique learning demands and IEP targets, provisions and outcomes, all of which change regularly as progress is made. A school app can help teachers and admin staff meet the intensive communication demands that are required, whilst parents receive the information in a timely way as it is sent to their phones and tablets.It’s quick and easy for school staff to post new content onto the app on a daily basis, ensuring parents and carers always have the latest facts, information and news. You can use Push Notifications to alert specific groups of parents to content on the app, ensuring they always receive relevant information in real time. This information could span the following topics:

  • School menus
  • Daily schedules
  • EHCP and other statutory information
  • Calendars
  • Contact details
  • Therapy provision
  • Trips
  • General news

Home-School Diary

Do you want a quicker way to write the Home-School Diary while also filling it with more information? If so, Put It On The App. In less time than it takes today you can send comments, pictures and video clips on the app about the day’s events, and include PDFs and links to external sites for further information and reminders about what’s needed for the following day. This provides rich information for parents before their child gets home and fantastic visual cues for the child to talk around about their day. A Reply button on the Home School Diary page allows parents to reply via email if they choose.


Providing a free app to parents and carers which keeps them better informed about their child clearly helps boost engagement. It also gives schools the chance to collect more comprehensive feedback from them by sending quick messages on the app to targeted groups of parents asking for their opinions about any aspects of school practice; answers are automatically collected and presented on a spreadsheet and can be used as evidence of your engagement for Ofsted and governors.

The app can be used for wider engagement too as it can carry details of local community SEN-related events such as special cinema screenings and days out, offers, and LA or charity initiatives. The school remains in full control of all information on the app at all times but it acts as a hub for everything SEN locally, bringing value to all parties.

Cost and Time Saving

As one of our schools says: “Originally we were concerned that owning an app would mean a lot of work. In reality, the app takes up a very small amount of our time and updating the content takes only a matter of minutes. Having shared administrators means that everyone can contribute to content, which has actually reduced admin pressure on the office team. When considering the amount we were spending on admin, paper, ink and texts in order to achieve just the minimum amount of communication, the app is well worth the investment. The app has given us a richer engagement experience and saved us money overall.”

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