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For specialist SEN schools, being able to ensure parental engagement is a key priority. As each child has their own specific needs, and education, health and care plans (EHCP), the need to send information about the school day, news and events to parents intensifies. Through using a school app, SEN schools can keep parents informed of everything that’s going will reduce anxieties and improve links in the support network between school and home.

    Communicating with Parents using Piota school apps
    Positive parental engagement: In any school, communicating well with parents and carers is essential, but for SEN schools, this need is even greater. A school app can act as a home-school diary, featuring text posts, pictures and video clips of the day’s events, as well as linking through to key statutory details and sending reminders about the rest of the school week. For parents, this is also really helpful, as it provides visual cues for their child to discuss their day.
    ● The proof is in the posting: The use of a school app also helps to improve the two way communication with parents. Surveys and questionnaires can be sent out to parents, as well as permission slips and messages about upcoming events. The app forms a hub of information for both teachers and parents to share, bolstering relationships and ensuring pupils are always well cared-for.
    ● Save time and money: In SEN schools, budget and time are the most precious resources available, and also often in short supply. By investing in a school app, you can reduce both the amount of administration time involved in parental engagement as well as the amount spent on the printing of letters home or text messages.

"Parents know what is going on in the classroom and it has improved relationships with the teachers and parents who use it. In fact, there has been a ripple effect and it’s gone from parental engagement to family engagement, which is fantastic.”

- Margaret Rimmer, Headteacher, Kingsdown Community School