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Assisted Living Apps

The Safe and Effective Communications Solution

We provide mobile apps for assisted living and private residential care facilities to help improve communication and engagement both externally, between carers, residents, and their families or internally between staff.


Our apps are easy to use, quick to market and can help to build a well informed community.

In the wake of the pandemic, with government regulations and health advice constantly changing, how are you keeping your team informed of the day to day changes? A staff app can help revolutionise your internal communications, and keep your staff engaged with the latest information on a day to day basis.


Share Important Information

Using an app makes it easy to share important information, staff training resources, your events calendar, policies and procedures, wellbeing resources and so much more with your wider community.


The ability to send instant alerts using push notifications saves time and cost, as the whole audience is updated simultaneously and the information is readily accessible, eliminating the need for print outs and reducing your carbon footprint. Communicate with families with ease and keep them engaged with interesting articles and photos of events at your care home, building a stronger sense of community. 

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Forms & Surveys

Your app will also be able to host a number of forms and surveys for information capture, this feature is perfect for monitoring wellbeing and gathering feedback from your staff.


With your own customised internal communication app, you can equip your staff with the information and support they need to continue working on the front lines and caring for those who need it most.

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Improve Your Communication For Your Community

Everything In One Place

Communication apps provide an instantly accessible information hub. Whether users need to check the time of the event, the detail in an alert you sent, the latest news or make a payment, simply “Put It On The App”. No more hunting for information through email inboxes, texts or website menus.

Push Notification Messages

The most direct way to contact people. Whenever you update an event or news item, send out a permission form or issue a one-line reminder, you can add an alert to it with a push notification to all users, selected groups or individuals. The excuses culture (“I didn’t know the swimming gala was happening last night”) will disappear!

Improve Engagement

Quickly send out dynamic content such as photos, video or feedback surveys along with fast reply options to maximise response rates. Your users can filter content on the app so it’s always relevant to them. The result is a focused stream of rich information and happier users.

Reduce Time And Cost

An app can do everything that a website, email or text can do and more. Plus it’s all in one place, allowing you to streamline your communications dramatically. First collect together all of your newsletters, policies, news stories, the calendar, documents, letters home, forms, contacts, feedback surveys, general information, social channels and more on the app, then start to rationalise your other channels.

Forward Thinking

People want a smart, branded system which is quick, simple to use and makes their lives easier. If you find a combination of email, website, text and social media is no longer working for you, Piota (Put It On The App) is a mobile app specialist with the answer. Please get in touch!

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