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Educational App Store gives Piota 5 star teacher review

The whole Piota team is thrilled to have received a 5 star teacher review from the Educational App Store.

A few fantastic comments from the review:

“A particularly nice feature is the ability to be able to conduct polls among parents.  This can help to encourage a dialogue between the school and its parents and show that it is responsive to its community’s needs.  The app is a powerful tool for data collection.  The management system holds the results of polls, shows the number of downloads and the degree of user interaction with the app.  All of this will certainly be of use in support of the school’s inspections.”

“The use of the actual app is easy.  Anybody who has used a tablet or smartphone will be at home with its use and navigation.  The key challenge will be getting parents to download the app and make use of it.  The developer promises support in this regard too.”

“This app does all that it promises and does it well.  It is an investment on the part of the school, but when compared to other ways of achieving similar results it seems particularly good value.  Each school should, of course, think of their specific needs, when appraising such a solution, but it is difficult to think of any that could not be met by this app.”

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Teacher Toolkit: Custom school apps are “the perfect solution”

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Ross Morrison McGill, better known as Teacher Toolkit, is the most followed teacher on Twitter and writes the most influential UK blog on education. His latest post is called ‘Communicating with Parents’ and looks at Piota’s custom school apps.

So, what does Teacher Toolkit have to say about our custom school apps?

Piota has huge potential for schools, encouraging parents to engage with the daily experiences of their child, or at least have peace of mind that the information is there and available for them to see when it suits.

He also describes our apps as ‘the perfect solution’ for engaging ‘hard to reach’ parents.

Read the full ‘Communicating with Parents’ article by clicking here or get in touch with us to find out how you can get a free trial of your own Piota school app.

Creating a customised app

Piota Helps School Teacher to Design Free SEN App

Piota has recently helped SEN school teacher, Kierran Pearce, to develop an app that strives to break down misconceptions about disabilities within the local community and help to build relationships between mainstream and special needs schools. Market Field School based in Elmstead Market, North Essex, will be the first to use the new Multi-Schools Council app.

Piota are pleased to be a part of this fantastic project and look forward to seeing the positive results of the Multi-Schools Council app.

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