Your Chiropractic

The ultimate communications platform 

Engage better through targeted content, push notifications and updates in one place.


A Chiropractic Clinic app will form your centralised hub to provide news, contact information, alerts, treatment and exercise plans. Integrate with existing systems for ease of booking, loyalty offers and realtime updates.

Customised for you, take the next step beyond emails, sms and your website to adopt a flexible tool which will save time and money as well as promoting your brand. 

ECU member discount annual cost: c.£1,500 per year (depending on customisation)


A Chiropractic Association app allows national groups to professionalise and deliver important information and updates to their membership and to host papers for the executive group. Create a central hub for all information, reducing the risk of miscommunication and improving engagement.

Creating a branded platform for engagement with members to provide a much better communications that are relevant and useful. 

ECU member discount annual cost: c.£2,500 per year (depending on customisation)


A Chiropractic School app allows University departments to present personalised content to staff and students. With a secure layer schools can organise course material, set reminders and deliver dynamic content through an branded app.

Ensuring that your students focus their attention through one point, the app delivers a personalised and up to date learning experience. 

ECU member discount annual cost: c.£3,000 per year (depending on customisation)