Piota Apps for Churches

Keeping your congregation engaged and the wider church family in touch is not easy.  They want to hear from you between services but with crowded inboxes, a young adult demographic that doesn’t do email, a website which broadcasts information but can’t personalise it, social media sites which are unfocused and limited in format, and ever-decreasing attention spans and patience levels even the most inspiring or urgent material goes astray or unread.

If you are struggling to cover everyone through a mix of emails, texts, paper, Google apps, Whatsapp groups, Facebook feeds and website announcements you already know the problem.  The solution is a high quality mobile app which can double up as both a messaging centre ‘pushing’ information to them, and an everything-in-one-place hub they can browse fast when needed.

Piota’s church app speeds your communications in rich formats directly to everyone, or specific sub-groups, or individuals.  It’s a quick reference source with immediate access to everything people might want to know, from meeting timings to last week’s sermon recording to how to donate.  And it is affordable for all churches and should more than pay for itself in cost and time savings.

Improve communications, engagement and feedback.

Download one of our apps, St Isidore's Church, onto your phone or tablet:

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Church community app cost

Prices range from £250 to 1,000 p.a. depending on the size and complexity of your organisation and app.  Church plants and fresh expressions are typically at the lower end and large city churches or parishes (ie a parish app rather than a church app) at the top end.  Benefices and team ministries somewhere in the middle. In all cases you will have a month’s free trial of the app before having to commit to buy it or not.

The annual cost is a flat fee incorporating unlimited downloads, messaging, training, support and updates to keep the app top of class.  You are responsible for all content on the app, we take care of all the technical stuff.

The benefits of a church app

Make everyone’s lives easier, be progressive, grow your community, cut costs.

Members of your church community opt into groups of interest to them on the app. Groups are set by the church and can be anything from “Sunday service” to “Soup kitchen volunteers” to “Thursday coffee mornings” to “Creche leaders”. Whenever you post news, information, events, reminders, forms or surveys relating to a group, the item will be alerted by Push Notification to that group’s phones. Thus the app user gets relevant content delivered separately from their crowded inbox and openable with one click.

House all significant information about your church on an easily navigable app – upcoming service timings, passages, readings, sermons, location, bios of the ministry team and elders, contacts details, news, appeals, links to the website and online payments system, prayer requests, diocese newsletters etc – and the congregation will quickly learn to use it as the first port of call when they need to look up something about church or browse to see what’s new.

Content on the app remains under the church’s direct control at all times as you upload and edit all material via a dedicated Content Management System (CMS). This is very simple to use: we say if you can write and edit a basic Word document, you will have no trouble mastering the CMS. And when needed we provide unlimited personal training and support on the phone or Skype.

It is important for churches and communities to make the most of modern technology. With work, family, extra curricular activities and distractions, churches need to think of new ways to communicate with people "on the go". A customised church app demonstrates the progressive attitude of your church and enables you to engage directly with your community, seven days a week.