Early Years School Apps

For Early Years providers, keeping parents well-informed of what’s going on is essential. With a dedicated early years app, you can improve your parental engagement, and reduce administration and costs.

  • Immediate communication: With just a few clicks, your early years app can be used to send notifications to parents’ phones and tablets. Important messages are sent immediately to parents, grandparents, carers and childminders, and there’s no need to ensure that you have the right phone number for text messaging.
  • Time spent well: The early years of education are the most critical in a child’s development. With an early years app, nurseries can reduce the amount of admin time dedicated to parental engagement so that more time can be spent where it is needed most, with the children.
  • Inspiring parental engagement: Parents are incredibly important in their child’s education. By using an early years app, you can contact parents about how to further their child’s development, whether that’s bedtime stories, or events and activities, linked to their learning journeys.
  • Effective, affordable, innovative: With limited budgets, early years providers need to be able to trust in their investments. An early years app is affordable to set up and maintain, dramatically improving your parental engagement.
Early Years School Apps

Whilst having my Ofsted visit in July 2015, I showed the inspector my Julie’s Childcare App! She was really impressed with it, especially as an engagement tool for communication between school setting and parents.”

– Julie Nixon, Headteacher, Julie’s childcare

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