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Making the most of your dedicated school app

At Piota, we believe that parental engagement is the key to school improvement. So, what’s the key to achieving that parental engagement? A dedicated school app.

Piota’s apps for schools enable you to communicate with parents more efficiently and, as a result, build better relationships with parents and pupils.


How many times have you or your staff had to repeat important dates to pupils? How many parents miss important dates such as parents evenings because they haven’t got the most up-to-date version of the calendar, or haven’t checked the school website?

With your dedicated school app, parents will always have the latest version of the calendar in the palm of their hands. You can update the calendar easily and send instant reminders and notifications.

Notices, messages and reminders

Dedicated School App - better than a website or social media?

Do you find that you spend valuable resources on sending letters or text messages home? Do you have to rely on pupil post to get letters to parents? Are you sure that letters get into the right hands?

With a dedicated school app, you could save yourself this time and expense because you can send instant notifications to parents for free, at just the touch of a button. An instant notification sent straight to parents’ phones and tablets is a far more reliable way to make sure that messages get through. No more expensive printing or texting, and no more missed communication.

Managing permission slips

Do pupils ever miss out on opportunities because of non-returned reply slips? How much time do your teachers and support staff spend on chasing permission slips?

This time consuming administration task could be a thing of the past with a school app. Forms and messages requiring replies can be sent using instantly. Replies are automatically logged, and reminders can be sent to non-responders. Imagine how much time this feature could save your administration team and teachers!

Parent surveys

Do you want to make parents feel more listened to, and therefore more engaged and involved in the school community? Short parent surveys are a great way to do this.

Your school app enables you to conduct surveys quickly and efficiently, so that you can start to build a better picture of how parents and pupils are feeling. This information could be great evidence of school effectiveness to share with governors and Ofsted.

How would you make use of a dedicated school app? You could find out by arranging a free trial with Piota – just click here to get started.

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