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NHS digital transformation

Here at Piota, we expanded into Healthcare apps in 2017. The aim was to provide a solution for effective communication between healthcare professionals, patients, families and carers. We were therefore very interested to see the BBC article NHS plan: what it means for you and the need for a digital revolution within the NHS.

The article writes

“Just as digital technologies have revolutionised everything from the way we shop to how we watch television, the plan envisages an overhaul in the way we interact with the health service.”

Reading the NHS Long Term Plan, it is clear that there is a determination to bring the NHS into the 21st century to ensure a digital transformation which helps clinicians to focus on key priorities, reduce bureaucracy across the NHS and allow more patients to access digital support to manage their health.

The reference to the outdated use of fax machines announced by the Secretary of State was particularly positive.

“NHS organisations will from 2020 no longer use fax machines to communicate with other NHS organisations or patients. All providers, across acute, community and mental health settings, will be expected to advance to a core level of digitisation by 2024.“

Our healthcare app can support NHS digital transformation

A healthcare app from Piota acts as a central source of information for care and support NHS digital transformation - Healthcare Apps(hospital information, contacts, clinic timings) and enables effective communication with patients. NHS organisations can send push notifications and updates either to everyone on the app, or to targeted channels. Plus, patients can communicate through feedback forms or health surveys.

Customers can tailor their app to work for your department and priorities. Whether that’s delaying the onset of a long term condition, discharging patients earlier from primary care or simply providing a better service to patients and families. All whilst saving internal time and cost. Visit our healthcare pages for more information on the functionality of the app and how it could be used in your healthcare environment.

One of our earliest clients, was the Paediatric Diabetes department at NHS Ayrshire & Arran, who joined Piota in 2017. They have found it to be a very useful tool for communicating with their community

“The best way we have found so far of sending out mass mailings to cover our clinic population. It is easy to change and update information and the web dashboard makes it very easy to edit. Excellent feedback” Dr Scott Williamson, Consultant Paediatrician (Diabetes)

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