Independent School Apps

Truly effective communications at your fingertips! 

Your branded, secure app to deliver targeted content, updates, calendars, contacts, news, forms and much more in one place.


As technology advances, traditional channels employed to engage the school community cease to be really effective; keep relevant by linking website and social media feeds or add news stories directly on the app to include web links, pdfs, videos and photo galleries.


Feedback has been very positive with the app helping to quickly notify parents of sports fixtures, events and other important day to day messages and to promote our brand.

- Mrs. N. Dangerfield, Headmistress



Every day experience of consuming information has fundamentally altered the expectations of how content should be delivered; no event is missed by linking directly with your school calendars for a personalised, interactive schedule.


Parents love the app and it quickly became the primary hub for all school information; reducing administrative time and transforming class communications.

- Mrs. C. McLelland, Head Teacher



Understanding that communications can be too much or too little, filter information for prospective parents, school sections and alumni; making your communications more tailored to suit individual needs and allowing you to deliver more relevant, engaging content.


Parents & staff love it. It is very cost and time effective for us and is great to keep our community connected, even helping us to recruit new pupils.

- Mrs. S. Eriksson, Head of School



In this rapidly changing digital age, apps have become the primary tool for communication; integrate with your MIS to create a private layer to deliver important push notifications, forms and surveys to specific groups or individuals. 


The 6 week process to launch made it an easy options for us - since then it has had an immediate, positive impact and has truly revolutionised communications across our schools.

- Mr. A. Hill, Managing Director