Secondary School Apps Built for Your School

At KS3, students start to face some big choices in life. Should they go to sixth form college, towards university, or take technical qualifications? Parental involvement is hugely important in helping them make these decisions. Our secondary school apps can be huge a benefit at this time.

  • Key high school events: Secondary schools have busy events schedules for students and parents alike, especially around exam periods and times when major decisions must be discussed. Having a calendar of events linked directly to your senior school app can help boost parental engagement , such as letting them know when revision for exams is paramount or when there are additional study sessions being held.
  • Reduce communication costs: Frequent, school-wide communication comes at a cost, due to the volume of printing and texts. With a secondary school communications app, you can reduce these costs by uploading the information directly to the app. The app then pushes it out to parents as a group in one hit, without the need for masses of individual messages. It's really that simple.
  • Making the most of technology with secondary school apps: There's been a growing trend for schools to adopt new technologies to aid teaching and administration. As part of this trend, a senior school app can boost parental engagement and demonstrate to Ofsted and governors how the school is progressing, while streamlining administration and communication.
Secondary school apps

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[Our school app] has significantly reduced the cost of postage and text messages. The annual cost of the mobile app is very low; it actually costs us more to send out two whole school letters! It saves us money on postage, paper, printing and labour for enveloping and stamping the mail.

– PA to Headteacher, Baysgarth Secondary School