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Healthcare App Features

Transform the way you communicate with patients, families, carers and staff.

Our healthcare apps transform the way you communicate with patients, families, carers and staff.

Offering an immediate connection to everyone you need to reach, the days of unread emails, missed phone calls and lost letters become a thing of the past. Here is how our healthcare apps help streamline communication and boost engagement.


The news section of our apps puts everything in one easily accessible news feed. Whether it's the quarterly newsletter with key points of interest, announcements, reminders or upcoming events within an NHS Trust, users can easily refer to the feed to discover what's going on. What's more, it can be integrated with Facebook and Twitter feeds, so you only need to post news once.


Events Calendar

Keeping patients and staff up to date with training and events can be quite the juggling act. The events section in our healthcare apps display a calendar full of clinic timings and training sessions, so every patient has all the upcoming events at their fingertips. Users can easily add an event to their own personal calendar, helping them and their families plan ahead, and improve attendance and increase engagement in your service.


The information section of our apps is where users can access information 24 hours a day to help them manage their condition or key information.  This can include patient information leaflets, advice on managing illness, how to guides, training, advice on travelling safely and access to staff benefits. Having a central source of information on the app can empower users to self-manage more confidently and efficiently.


The contacts section is where you can list the details of as many contacts as you need to, making it easy for users to get hold of the correct person, the first time round. Numbers for working hours, out of hours and emergencies are all listed in one convenient place. E-mail addresses can also be added and e-mails sent quickly and easily, with a pre-populated template for increased efficiency.


The alerts feature makes it possible to send immediate alerts out to either all users of the app, or specific channels. Users can subscribe to notification channels that are relevant to their condition or interests. This way, if you receive an urgent medical alert, patients and staff are notified immediately on their phone, without the need for individual letters, calls or texts. Alerts can also be used to send reminders for important training or events, to help increase attendance.



A collaborative approach to care. Our feedback feature enables forms and surveys to be completed and submitted via the app enabling your patients, families, carers or staff to provide feedback on what works or does not work for them and suggestions for improvement. 

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