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Improving the
patient experience

We are thrilled to share this great feedback from the patients at the
Macmillan Delamere Information and Support Centre about our revolutionary healthcare app. As a dedicated team of innovators, our mission has always been to enhance patient experiences and empower individuals to take control of their health journeys.

We are humbled and inspired by the positive responses we've received from patients who have utilised our app to transform their healthcare interactions into something truly extraordinary.

Join us on this exciting adventure as we revolutionise the way patients engage with their healthcare, all while fostering a community of care, compassion, and empowerment. Discover first-hand how Piota is making a difference, one life at a time.
I’ve had a look at the app; it’s brilliant!
• Very easy to use and negotiate around
• A very pleasing design and nice to look at
• It has such an amazing choice of information, and I honestly can’t think of what else could be added. I’m sure as people start to use it there will be more ideas
• I wish every hospital had access to this facility. I only have positive comments
I found it very easy to use with an uplifting design. Lots of information all in one place and quick access for finding information. My thoughts on this App on initial opening and now is WOW. This needs to be countrywide.
I absolutely LOVE the App and all the information on the Delamere Support and Information Centre. Can you congratulate the team on my behalf please. Things have come a long way in the world of cancer information and support provision and this App is impressive.
I found it really interesting and so helpful. Lots of information but not overwhelming. It was so easy to use even for someone who is useless with technology like me. Really liked the look, very appealing and the pictures draw you in to each topic. Such a good idea especially for anyone who will be visiting as it would help relieve some of the anxiety of the unknown before hand.
It is very user friendly. The graphics are good. It is easy to find the information that you need. A wider range of contacts would be good but I am presuming that things will be added to the app as it progresses.

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