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About Piota

About Piota:  (Put It On The App) was founded in 2014 to create high quality apps at affordable prices. Based on James Dickson’s experience as a school governor we started with a design for an app to streamline communications between schools and parents.


Angus Fox (CTO) made it happen and we had the bones of a product which could provide a better service while saving time and money. 

Though we started with schools, our product is ever evolving, we quickly realised the opportunity to provide our solutions to healthcare organisations and are pleased to be a part of revolutionising communications there.


Fast forward to today, the team has grown to eleven and we are a leader in the emerging sector of communications and engagement apps. We supply 400 schools in 15 countries and another 100+ organisations in health and social care, clubs, member organisations, charities, small businesses and more.

Some use their app for external comms, some for internal comms and some for both; it’s versatile and simple enough to accommodate most needs. We are proud to play a role in helping improve access to information and community engagement across the UK and beyond.

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Whilst we’ve added many new features and functions over time we have tried hard to stick to some core principles:


The design of your app should be all about you, not us

Easy To Use

It must be simple and easy to use


It should be flexible enough to handle your particular needs now and any changes later

Excellent Service

We must provide excellent service and support over the lifetime of each app. 

So whatever organisation you are – a group, a single entity, small, large, in UK or abroad – if you are finding that communicating with your people via a mix of email, paper, social media, texts, phone calls, website, admin platform etc etc is not working, try the modern alternative! 


More about Piota: We will deliver you a customised app on free trial which can carry all the information you send on the channels above. But everything will be in one place, immediately accessible on everyone’s phones, with your branding, and using targeted push notifications to alerting them to messages and updates.


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