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Supporting Integration & Transition for Internationally Educated Nurses in the UK Healthcare System

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

Learning Lunch Webinar

Join us for our 30 minute Learning Lunch webinar where Piota Apps hosts guest speaker Linda Whiteley, Career Development Coach for Internationally Educated Nurses at Hertfordshire and West Essex ICS. Together, we explore their Intern App, tailored for internationally educated nurses, midwives and allied health professionals embarking on their UK NHS journey.

We explore how a digital solution can:

  • Help International Nurses to find their feet in the UK healthcare sector

  • Provide information and support when they most need it

  • Help to eliminate any anxieties of the unknown

  • Make the transition to the UK healthcare sector easier

  • Provide resources available to friends and families to widen their support network

This webinar illuminates the challenges International Nurses have faced and the digital solution created to help alleviate these issues. Linda's insights created the Intern App, designed to support these professionals with streamlined communication, access to vital information and resources to support them on their integration into UK healthcare.

Discover how Piota is committed to enhancing their experience, enabling them to deliver exceptional care while ensuring their own well-being. Join us to explore the Intern App's impact and learn about the tools supporting the future of international healthcare integration.


Linda Whiteley

Career Development Coach for Internationally Educated Nurses

Hertfordshire and West Essex ICS

I have 39 years of experience in the NHS as a nurse, midwife and public health specialist practitioner. My journey has taken me through a range of roles working in hospitals to community-based school nursing, public health, child and adolescent mental health. My most recent role has been in nursing informatics and how technology can enhance the delivery of safer patient care. Following early retirement in 2020, I returned to join the mass vaccination programme for covid 19, where I worked with many amazing people, nurses, administrators and volunteers all working together and dedicated to reach one goal. I am passionate about sharing my knowledge and supporting colleagues to develop to be the nurse they want to be and am excited to be working with international nursing recruits.

Chris Elkin

Head of Healthcare

Piota Apps

Chris Elkin is the Head of Healthcare here at Piota Apps. Chris has been in the Digital Media industry for over 20 years and has a complimentary mix of creative, technical and consultancy based skills. Chris spent 10 years working at a large NHS Trust as their Digital Media Manager responsible for their portfolio of online learning content and systems, Internet & Intranet sites and latterly developing bespoke apps. The Training Passport App was the winner of a number of awards. Since joining Piota Chris has significantly grown the Healthcare division and now works with over 60 NHS Teams helping them to realise their App goals.


Tue, 12 Sept

12:30 - 13:00 BST

Online event

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