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The healthcare communications platform 

A healthcare app is the perfect solution for effective communication with patients, families and carers.

Our app enables you to make all your news, information, letters, contacts, clinic timings and other information, easily available in one place on patients' phones for immediate reference when they need it. With the emphasis on patient-centred care, we believe the app can support people to gain the knowledge, skills and confidence they need to effectively manage and make informed decisions about their own health care.

Each healthcare app is customised for your service so you can tailor it for your priorities. Whether that is delaying onset of a long term condition, discharging patients earlier from primary care or simply providing a better service to patients and families while saving internal time and cost.

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Highly Commended in the Quality in Care Diabetes awards 2018

This smartphone app addresses a big every day problem of ensuring parents of children with type 1 diabetes have easy access to the most up to date information. This is a much more effective system than most local arrangements - a single channel of communication, rather than bombarding people with lots of messages on multiple channels, hoping they will use one.

Patient Centred Care

There is a strong emphasis on the benefit of providing more patient-centred services for patients with long-term health conditions, such as diabetes.

A healthcare app provides advice at your patients’ fingertips, wherever they go, 24 hours a day, which means patients and their families will always have access to information to help them make decisions about how to manage their condition, what they need to know when travelling, or a refresher on how to use medication or equipment safely. Whether in everyday living or emergency situations they will have an instantly accessible reference source on their phone or tablet to consult, along with numbers to click and call and next steps advice.

We believe the information delivered on the app can empower patients to self-manage more confidently and efficiently.

Hospital admissions

Supporting patients before, during and after hospital admissions is less intensive when using an app as it becomes the go-to place for much of the information they need. Beforehand they can consult it for information about their condition, what to expect on the day, policy and procedure documents, letters and procedure risks. During their time in hospital, the patient and family can access a who’s who of the department, cafe menus, car parking details and opening times on it. After discharge it holds recovery advice, physio videos, a tip of the day, prompts from your service and a feedback channel to help with remote monitoring.

Much the same applies to people seeking to make healthier lifestyle changes at home and work. Self-management is easier for them and more efficiently handled by you if all commonly required information is instantly available to the patient and you have a method of communicating directly with them when needed.

Internal communications

Effective communication in healthcare settings is widely believed to improve the quality of staff relationships, increase efficiency and positively impact patient safety. Our app can be used as an internal communication tool to share educational resources and best practice, celebrate achievements, communicate change and transformation and collect feedback.

Improve the quality and effectiveness of your internal communications through a healthcare app from Piota and deliver increased engagement within your organisation today.


“The best way we have found so far of sending out mass mailings to cover our clinic population.  It is easy to change and update information and the web dashboard makes it very easy to edit. Excellent feedback”

- Dr Scott Williamson, Consultant Paediatrician (Diabetes)