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Independent School App

Case Study

A Customised App Within A Day

Hollygirt School is an independent school in Nottingham founded in 1877 with 200+ boys and girls aged between 3 and 16. It provides an outstanding education in a nurturing and inspirational environment and has won very high ratings from parents and ISI alike. Read how Hollygirt School has used its app to improve their school communications.

Quick & Easy To Use

Hollygirt School's Marketing Manager met Piota at the AMCIS conference in May 2018.


Piota delivered them a customised app the following day to try free for a month. The school found the administration portal very easy to use and quickly filled the app with key information.


Saving Time With Its School App

Piota assisted by uploading Hollygirt’s website news, social media feeds and calendar. These automatically stream into the app so no duplication of work is required. It saves the school time and ensures parents do not miss out on important school news and events.

Consistently Positive Feedback

A trial with a small group of staff and parents followed before launch to all parents at the start of the 2018/19 academic year. Feedback has been consistently positive in the weeks since launch to date, from both the school and from parents.

“We’ve had lots of hugely positive comments from parents stating how convenient it is to have everything in one place and immediately accessible on their phones. It is clear that the push notifications on the app have helped to ensure fewer letters and events are being missed than used to happen when school communications were sent by email, paper letters and website.”

Marketing Manager


“We found the set up process exceptionally quick and easy. Any queries we’ve had since the launch of our app have been dealt with quickly and effectively by the Piota team”

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