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Independent School Apps

An effective app significantly improves communications across the whole school community. It provides an instantly accessible reference hub for school-only information, answering the questions routinely asked by parents, and a messaging centre through which the school can easily and quickly push information to both individuals and groups. The school controls all information on the app and parents personalise what they see by opting into topics relevant to them.

Brand enhancement

Your app would be branded with your logo, colours, motto etc and is simple and intuitive to use.  Having an app is seen as a progressive step and will positively surprise existing as well as prospective parents.

What does it do?

The app is a one-stop shop for parents, carrying school news, an events calendar, key information, a contacts section, push notification messages, picture galleries, forms, a feedback channel, pdf documents, videos, the school’s social media channels and more.  Much of this content can be automatically fed into the app so you do not have to duplicate work, and the app is accessible on Apple and Android devices worldwide so parents abroad or travelling can easily keep in touch with everything that’s going on too.

Process and cost

Informing your decision making, we offer a free, no obligation trial. We can deliver a fully-working, branded unpublished app within two weeks and thereafter will provide initial training on how to use the content management system to control it (very easy).

If you decide to proceed we build a new version of the app to incorporate any reconfigurations and design changes needed. You upload initial information on the app and it is then ready to launch to parents. The cost varies depending on degree of customisation, decided by you, and any bespoke work required but is agreed in advance.


Piota is a specialist school app company based in London. We believe our apps are the most flexible and feature-rich currently available, and we have supplied over 340 UK and international schools in 11 countries.


Please contact Matthew Jackson for more information: mjackson@piota.co.uk or +44 (0)7842 900 314.

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