Independent Schools

As an independent school, you will have a wide variety of stakeholders, whether it’s parents, governors or other members of the school community. Your branding and presentation is incredibly important, and through a school app, you can bring your school’s image into the 21st Century.

  • Talking through technology: A school app can become the main route of communication with your parents – with 95% of parents using smartphones, it makes sense for your one-stop-shop for information be a digitised source.
  • Parental engagement: Not only can a school app provide information to parents, but schools can also retrieve data from these parents through the use of digital permission slips for events, or surveys about the school. This means that the school can evidence its discussions with the community to the ISC, and show that the school is making positive changes in light of these comments.
  • Time is money: One of the key benefits of a school app is the amount of time and money saved on the pursuit of parental engagement. Say goodbye to Pupil post! Parents can now receive all the information they want and need, and teachers can spend far less time on administration.