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Case Studies

Read about the real-life experiences of our customers and their thoughts on the benefits of their nursery, school, sports club or healthcare app.

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International Schools Case Studies

Braeburn School

The Braeburn Group of International Schools is a group of co-educational international schools offering British/International curricula in Kenya and Tanzania; educating over 3,600 pupils.


Marymount Paris

We recently caught up with Kate des Places, Director of External Relations at Marymount Paris to see how they were getting on with their app. Marymount Paris decided to revisit their communications strategy.

King's Oak School in Romania improved their parental engagement through a Piota international school app and now it set's them apart from local competitors. Demonstration to launch took just 3 days and the positive impact on the school community was immediate.

Anfield International School

Before having its own app, Anfield school communicated with its parents by sending out daily bulk emails. With students in Hong Kong being out of school a lot in the last 12 months, Anfield needed to communicate every update as quickly as possible.

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