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Keeping parental engagement easy

Parental engagement, and making parents feel included in their child’s development, is an important part of school life – headteacher Tina Oliva writes for Education Business.

Tina Oliva, from St John Evangelist Catholic Primary School, discusses the benefits of effective parental engagement and how they used a dedicated school app to bring a new level of efficiency to their communication with parents.

The article outlines how the school moved from traditional methods of parental engagement, including letters home, texts and phone calls, to a school app that allows for instant communication with the whole school community. With so much time needed for administration, and more importantly, teaching, Tina looks at how this process really streamlined the communications process, as well as how it saved the school money.

Also in this article is Daniel Beazer, who discusses how the school’s new form of communication has been received by parents, especially when it comes to sharing updates about events, and publishing photos from the school.

“One of the most popular things we now do is to celebrate the children’s successes. If a school team completes something successfully, or a child has done something noteworthy, we send this out via the app. We’ve found that there is no better way to promote the success of the school community and help parents understand their child’s learning experiences and progress.”
“The school went straight from text and paper based communication to a mobile app, leaving out the email stage. I am glad they did as I am sure those emails would be lost in the sea of spam. And we wouldn’t get to find out about what our children are really up to during the school day.”

You can read the full article on the school’s parental engagement journey and all the details of the app’s benefits on Education Business here:

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