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Piota’s takeover of Silicon Practice strengthens healthcare expertise

Piota - a leading provider of communication and engagement tools for healthcare, schools and other institutions - has announced its acquisition of Silicon Practice, a major provider of online services to GP surgeries and Integrated Care Boards.

This takeover will enable Piota to strengthen its reach into healthcare, where it can bring its expertise in communication and engagement to improve patient outcomes and staff engagement.

Piota’s platform, adopted by hundreds of healthcare institutions across the UK, allows institutions to improve efficiency and engagement by sending targeted messages via instant push notifications, as well as manage news items, forms, contacts and much more.

Silicon Practice has established itself as a leading provider of healthcare communication tools, including an innovative dashboard which allows GP surgeries to totally digitally triage enquiries from patients.

Its platform enables healthcare providers to send targeted messages to patients, manage appointments, and provide access to online services such as repeat prescriptions and patient records.

By acquiring Silicon Practice, Piota will be able to expand its expertise to the healthcare sector. The companies share a goal of improving communication and engagement between service providers and their customers, whether schools and parents or healthcare providers and patients.

“Piota is excited to be expanding further into the healthcare sector with the acquisition of Silicon Practice,” said Stephen Whyte, MD of Piota.

“We believe that our communication and engagement tools can make a real difference in healthcare. We’re looking forward to working with Silicon Practice’s team to bring our shared vision to life.”

The two companies will work together to integrate their platforms and develop new tools and services for the healthcare sector with the aim of improving communication and engagement with their patients, resulting in better health outcomes and higher levels of patient satisfaction.

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