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The Importance of Improving Parent-Teacher Communication

At Piota, we truly believe in the power of communication in education. Whether your school already has good parental engagement, or you find parents hard to reach, there are always ways communication can be improved between the two parties. A child’s future is enormously influenced by those who invest their time and efforts. With parents and teachers communicating effectively, a number of huge improvements can be made to the crucial time that children spend at school.

Understanding the importance of education

The lives of teachers and parents are both hectic in equal measures, which can make effective communication a challenge at the best of times. However, research has shown that parents who are communicating and engaging with the school are more likely to understand the importance of education. Many parents find it difficult to define their role in the educational career of their child, which is why it is vital for every school to improve parent – teacher communication. Understanding information given from teachers about academic processes and the progress of their child will give parents the tools to appreciate and emphasise the importance of education in the home environment.

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Pupil progression

Teachers who can effectively communicate with parents are able to set at home tasks and make learning suggestions in order to help aid pupil progress and development at home. The lAnd vice versa, parents can supply teachers with important information about the pupil that can help transform the way they learn in the classroom. Both parties can transmit valuable insight helping pupil progression when communication is open.

Problem solving

Children will face many learning challenges throughout their educational career; many may be huge obstacles to tackle. Such problems cannot be resolved without communication between both parents and school, as these problems do not exist only in the education environment or the home environment. Making teachers and parents aware of problems, whether they be personal, social or educational, creates a secure and productive atmosphere in which improvements can be made.

At home learning

As a parent, understanding the expectations of the school your child attends and the homework they are given is incredibly important. Education is a learning process for the parent as well as the child, which includes understanding the incentives of a teacher, the topics at hand and the progress of the child in order to support at home learning. Teachers who keep parents well informed about work that needs to be done at home see faster progression. Everyone benefits from engaged support of parents.

School improvement

Every school has a vision and it is imperative that parents can rally behind the school as an institution. The best schools have parents who (?) act as active partners throughout the time their child spends at school. Good communication between the two means that parents know they have a respected voice in the school community, not only on matters affecting the progress of their own child, but also on broader school goals. It is in the interest of schools to make parents feel that there is a safe and trusted space where they can feel confident to make contributions, as well as being able to see visible changes as a result of the communication.

If you are a school that is interested in improving communications with parents by using a school app get in touch with Piota!

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