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Improving Efficiency and Communication in A&E Departments with the Piota App

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

Learning Lunch Webinar

Our latest learning lunch webinar where our guest speaker Dr Ashish Singal (A&E consultant) demonstrated how the Piota App platform is helping him increase his team's efficiency by providing up to date medical guidelines and policies directly to their smartphones.

A&E departments are often faced with significant challenges such as high patient volumes, limited resources, and urgent care needs. In this session, we explored how the Piota App can help improve communication, increase efficiency and support better patient care in A&E departments.


Ashish Singal

Consultant / IT lead Emergency Medicine

Dudley Group of Hospitals

My interest has always been in efficiency and lean process. IT lends itself very nice to both these goals. We were the first department in the hospital to develop EPR and are now completely paper free. Our newest project has been to develop our own departmental app allowing enabling staff to have all the information they require at their finger tips anywhere and anytime.

Chris Elkin

Head of Healthcare


Chris Elkin is the Head of Healthcare here at Piota Apps. Chris has been in the Digital Media industry for over 20 years and has a complimentary mix of creative, technical and consultancy based skills. Chris spent 10 years working at a large NHS Trust as their Digital Media Manager responsible for their portfolio of online learning content and systems, Internet & Intranet sites and latterly developing bespoke apps. The Training Passport App was the winner of a number of awards. Since joining Piota Chris has significantly grown the Healthcare division and now works with over 60 NHS Teams helping them to realise their App goals.

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