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Primary School Apps

Primary School Apps Tailored for Your School

Parents are paramount to the success of their child's education.


That's why being able to enhance parental engagement in primary schools without adding more pressure to already stretched resources is a necessity. Primary school apps utilise the technology already at your disposal transform how your school communicates with the pupils and parents, benefitting everyone.


[Our] school app has saved us money. It is so quick to get the information out to parents. No photocopying newsletters - just straight out to the target audience.

- Office Manager, Lexden Springs Primary School

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Improve Parent Communication

More Time For Teaching The Children

With increasing pupil numbers in KS1 and KS2 classrooms, dedicating as much time as possible to teaching is essential to optimising development. By using a primary school app, teachers can get in touch with parents more easily, so that they can focus more on teaching the children and less on administration.

Keep Parents In The Know

When it comes to key information about the school – whether that's term dates, events, or news – your primary school app is the "one-stop-shop" for parents to stay up to date. Knowing more about what's going on during the school day can help to inspire out-of-school learning and encourage parental engagement.

Reducing Costs

The average school spends a staggering £60,000 a year on printing alone – but imagine if your parental engagement was all done digitally? Investing in a dedicated primary school app means no more crucial information will get lost, admin costs are reduced, and details are uploaded to a central system rather than being sent out individually.

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