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School App Features

Transform the way you communicate with parents, pupils and staff with our school app features

Our school app features transforms your parent teacher communication


Offering an immediate connection to everyone you need to reach through the medium of digital communication, the days of unread emails, missed phone calls and lost letters home become a thing of the past. Here is how our school app features help streamline communication and boost parental engagement.

Our School app features are designed to provide the education sector with the tools they need for modern communication. See how we’re empowering education here.


With so much to monitor at any one time, informing parents of what's happening at school can be challenging. The news section is another form of digital communication within our apps; putting everything in one easily accessible feed. Whether it's upcoming activities, lost property or planned school trips, parents can easily refer to the feed to discover what's going on at school. What's more, it can be integrated with Facebook and Twitter feeds, so you only need to post news once.


Events Calendar

Keeping so many parents to up to date with the school calendar can be quite the juggling act. The events section in our school apps makes sure no ball is dropped. It syncs up with your school calendar, so every parent with the app has all upcoming events at their fingertips. This helps parents plan ahead, meaning fewer missed parents evenings or after-school activities and a greater involvement in their child's education and extracurricular interests.


The information section of our apps is where parents can get all their questions answered about the day-to-day running of the school. This can include a welcome from the headteacher, information on uniforms, school dinners, term dates and even details about the PTA. By answering these questions clearly and quickly, the relationship between school and parents can be improved and frustrations will be less likely to surface, taking pressure off  staff to answer phone calls and emails.


The contacts section is where you can list the details of as many, or as few, members of staff as you need to, making it easy for parents to get hold of who they need first time. This could be a call to reception about their child being unwell, or to organise a meeting with their child's teacher, the head or SENCO. This narrows the gap that so often exists between parent and teacher and helps build that essential relationship for the benefit of the pupil.


Schools are constantly active, and things can change quickly. What's more, these changes may not affect every child. The alerts feature makes it possible for parents to subscribe to notification channels that are relevant to their child, thus improving student performance, whether it's a class, year group, club or the entire school. This way, if something changes quickly, like snow days or a school trip arriving back later than scheduled, parents are notified immediately and without the need for individual texts.


Sending forms home to be filled out by parents can be a tedious process, but it's necessary to gather vital information to ensure every child is safe and accounted for. The forms section of our apps puts all the parental paperwork in one immediately accessible place and can be filled out and submitted on the app. This means no more missed school trips due to permission slips being left in bags or absence forms being misplaced, and parents can easily update their contact details, so they can be reached if required.


Every parent wants the best for their child and might have suggestions on how school can provide this. However, it can be difficult to hear everyone at once. The survey section of our apps provides a place for parents and pupils to give feedback on the school. This lets you know exactly where parents feel out of the loop and gets them involved in their child's education, helping the school improve the right areas and better communicate what can and can't be achieved.

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