International School Apps

Handling communications as an international school can be complicated, especially with the potential for parents and other family members to be in completely different areas of the world. A school app can help to keep parents involved through a single information hub.

Improved communications: Notifications can be sent in real-time, directly to parents’ devices, meaning that they are always in the loop about what’s happening with their child’s education.

Cutting the cost: Overseas communication can be especially expensive, but the use of a school app means that family members, no matter where they are, can be reached directly and immediately.

Looking to the future: Having a dedicated international school app puts you at the forefront of technology use in education, it is individualised to your students and parents and streamlines the time spent by both teachers and parents in sending and reviewing information and news.

The app has quickly become the first point of contact with parents. Parental attendance at school events has improved, our secretaries are receiving less phone calls and overall parent satisfaction is up. In a recent school survey, we were rated either 'good' or 'excellent' in regards to communication by 97% of our parent body. The app easy to use and update. The dashboard provides useful analytics pertaining reach and coverage in real time. I have recommended Piota to a number of my colleagues in other schools. 

– Executive Headteacher, Braeburn Group of International Schools