Secondary School Apps

At secondary school, young people start to face some big choices ahead of them. Should you go to sixth form college, towards university, or take technical qualifications? At this point, parental engagement in education is essential. So how can secondary schools benefit from using an app?

  • Key events: Secondary schools often run events for students and their parents, especially around exam periods and big decisions. Having a calendar of events linked directly to your secondary school app will boost parental engagement at these presentations and meetings that would otherwise go unnoticed.
  • Reducing comms costs: Frequent communication comes at a cost, especially with printing and texts! With a school app, you can reduce these costs by uploading the information in a central system, pushing it out to parents as a group and benefiting from economies of scale.
  • Time for technology: There has been a widespread trend for schools adopting new technologies for teaching, learning and administration. Not only does a school app boost parental engagement, it also presents your students’ achievements, and how the school is progressing to Ofsted and governors, while streamlining administration and communication.
Secondary school apps

β€œ[Our school app] has significantly reduced the cost of postage and text messages. The annual cost of the mobile app is very low; it actually costs us more to send out two whole school letters! It saves us money on postage, paper, printing and labour for enveloping and stamping the mail.”

– PA to Headteacher, Baysgarth Secondary School

Flagship Academy Secondary School App

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