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SEN School Apps

SEN School Apps Made for Your Needs

For a specialist SEN school where each child has their own unique needs, parental engagement is a key priority.


With SEN school apps, teachers can keep parents informed of everything that's going on to reduce anxieties and improve the links within the school-home support network.


Better Parental Communication

Parental communication in schools for special needs is essential. SEN school apps can act as a home-school diary featuring text, pictures and video clips of the day's events, as well as linking through to key statutory information and sending reminders about recurring events in the school week.

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Improve SEN School Support

SEN school apps also help to improve two-way communications with parents, bolstering relationships and enhancing the care and support each child receives. Surveys and questionnaires can be sent to parents, as well as permission slips and messages about upcoming events. This provides peace of mind about their child’s wellbeing and that their needs are being met.

Freeing Up Funds For SEN Resources

Time and money are one of the most precious resources in any SEN school, and often in short supply. By investing in an SEN school app, you can reduce both the administration time involved in parental engagement, as well as the amount spent on letters home or text messages, allowing you devote more of your resources to pupil support.

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Parents know what is going on in the classroom and it has improved relationships with the teachers and parents who use it. In fact, there has been a ripple effect and it’s gone from parental engagement to family engagement, which is fantastic

— Margaret Rimmer

Headteacher, Kingsdown Community School

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Improve Parent Teacher Communication

Better Parental Engagement

With a school app, you can quickly and easily send messages, notifications and alerts directly to parents' phones or tablets. It’s the ideal reference point for parents to find out information about events, term dates, school news and more.

Reduce Admin For Staff

Communication with parents can be difficult and schools are well-aware of the "missing newsletter in the school bag" scenario. With a school app, replies are collected automatically and users can be prompted if a response is overdue.

Reduce The Costs Of School Comms

Schools spend a lot of money on printing costs. School apps can help to reduce this by thousands of pounds. Content and materials can all be distributed digitally with a school app that can be downloaded from both the Apple and Android stores, and they not only cut the costs mentioned but they're also eco-friendly.

School Apps Are Forward Thinking

It's important for schools to make the most of the technology at their disposal. A customisable school app is must in the 21st Century, with smartphones being the most effective method of communication in all areas of life, including schools. Using the app to improve parental engagement and collect feedback also provides evidence to governors and Ofsted of the school's effectiveness.

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